My name is Birgit, not 14 any more and typical German...

I am living in Devon since 2006. Although I like living in the UK - especially in Devon - LOVE was the reason relocating from Germany to this lovely part of the world.

I love food, fresh and high quality ingredients. Shopping just becomes to be interesting if I am  in front of a book shop. Cooking in the evening and baking at the weekend were and are still some of my favourite hobbies after work.

Having heart a few comments like “Why don’t you start your own business?” or “Your biscuits are delicious – can I buy them?” I decided to go the extra mile and started my own business in spring 2009. I’m still working in an office and like it. At the same time I’m baking in the evening and at the weekend and enjoy it as well. It`s passion - isn`t it?

My passion for food started when I was seven years old and learnt cooking and baking in the north of Germany. I bought hundreds of cooking books tried a lot of new recipes and discovered the joy of delicious homemade cakes and biscuits.

Some of my biscuits are the result of friends asking for something special... An idea which then makes me thinking about how to create a nice biscuits.

Oliver (the reason why I am living in the UK) joined the company in November 2009 to add our range of continental breads and rolls.

We are still developing our range and hope you like it.

Birgit & Oliver

Oliver & Birgit Hehn

Our first "Garage Bakery"

Display at Darts Farm