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Welcome to my "BREAD" world

Every now and then we get asked for
- serving ideas
- details about all different types of bread
- how to keep the bread
- what's sourdough
- ....
Now it's time to "serve" ideas, information and updates!
And I'd love to hear from you: Feedback, Questions and whatever pops up when you think about Continental Crumbs and/or enjoy our bread.

Jan 16

New in 2017 "Fruity Spelt Bread"

geschrieben von Birgit am 16/01/2017 15:04

Welcome to my first "Bread special":
Due to my chemo treatment I'm suffering from a change of my taste buds. Savoury I'm fine but when it comes to anything sweet I'm suffering from "odd" tastes...
Anything sweet just tastes like soap and anything sweet and fruity tastes like vinegar. So I'm not having anything or very, very little. Which is a great way of loosing weight smiley but a bit depressing as I love baking cakes (and eating them as well).
So far our "normal" Fruitbread with Raisins and Sultanas has been one of my favourites as it's great with some Devon Blue Cheese or served as French Toast with some syrup. But as it contains sugar more than half a slice just doesn't make me happy any more.
But I've ...


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