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Monthly Archives: MAY 2016

May 31


geschrieben von Birgit am 31/05/2016 21:20

innovaeditor/assets/Birgit/Cookie 4.jpg

Good evening,
Most of you know already there is something I wouldn't welcome but can't do anything about it. It's breast cancer for who wasn't aware until now.
It's changing my/our life step by step but I take it as the opportunity to review and look back but not to much as it seems to be more important to look forward, isn't it?
The advice I'm getting is to work less... but that's a difficult one as I might suffer from being a workaholic. But I'm trying very hard to be better in the future.
At least I've taken tonight off having had my second chemo today and somehow I have to admit I'm feeling a bit "wobbly" whatever it means. I just think it's time to sleep whilst the drugs start working. As the first chemo hasn't been as bad as I thought ...


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May 17

Der 1. Montag danach

geschrieben von Birgit am 17/05/2016 00:25

Heute war ein schöner Tag. smiley



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May 16

Birgit auf dem Markt

geschrieben von Oli am 16/05/2016 23:31


Hallo, ich bin neu hier :-)

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