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Monthly Archives: SEPTEMBER 2017

Sep 25

I'm back (to normal)?!

geschrieben von Birgit am 25/09/2017 17:44

I’m back, managed to survive the last twelve months… actually the last eighteen months as my journey started in march 2016!



And upon until now it’s been a bumpy journey through life. I’ve passed many crossing where I didn’t know which way to go. I’ve been through some long dark tunnels where there hasn’t been light at the end – just another tunnel waiting for me.


It might be unbelievable but the last year has been a year of changes, fights and hard work although it should have been a year of recovery, silence and waking up every morning being grateful for another day.


People say sometimes it takes something traumatic or very difficult to get us to "wake up” review and look at "quality of our lives”.


From my point of view: I’m still sleeping! Or let’s say "I’m just about to wake up!” ...


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