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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!!!

geschrieben von Birgit am 25/12/2016 17:09

It's a busy day for Santa and he might look forward to finish his delivery run soon as it's wet and windy outside...
I'm wishing you a wonderful Christmas!
It's been a busy week and we've been working until yesterday afternoon. The last two weeks have taken a bit Christmas spirit away... to much to think about and to little time to enjoy everything.
I'm pleased it hasn't ruined Christmas itself. For some unexplained reason we've managed to enjoy our Christmas (Christmas Eve is the main day in Germany...) more than I thought. A wonderful evening inspired by the tree which is standing in the middle of our living room.
Lights make such a difference! When I decorated the dining table for our meal I've arranged candles and battery powered chain lights next to each other surrounded by small branches ...


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Dec 1

A day off...

geschrieben von Birgit am 01/12/2016 17:23

I'd like to share a relaxing day in Plymouth:
On Monday we've decided to take a day off everything and to see if we manage to catch some Christmas flair.
As it's been late morning when we arrived in Plymouth we've decided to go for a meal first and later into town. We both like the area around the Barbican (either for a walk or going out for a meal):
We've got a favourite place to go  but try some new places we haven't been before every now and than as well. And on Monday it's been the Maze Grill (Greek style restaurant).
The food has been really great but I forgot to take pictures of the food as I've been enjoying the view:
Different style but very nice and it did match the whole place. And surrounded by ...


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Nov 20

A time to enjoy

geschrieben von Birgit am 20/11/2016 20:33

Today it's a bit about Christmas I'm afraid...


I know it might sound a bit childish but I’m looking forward to Christmas. It’s not about the presents… it’s about the atmosphere. Uncountable songs trying to express the feelings and emotions around Christmas. It really it the time where love isn’t just a word and isn’t just about this wonderful feeling between two people who spent their life together (or want to spend their life together). It’s about the spirit which unfortunately seems to disappear during the year and very often just comes up before Christmas. But at least: once a year!!!





Weeks before Christmas (kind of now...) you start to think about presents. What to order from Santa for the one's you love and/or care for. Little gifts you think might make them happy or at least smile as ...


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