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Eat and Drink

Aug 15

A night out in... "Plymouth"

geschrieben von Birgit am 15/08/2018 19:35

On Monday (having spend all afternoon in the office in order to catch up on paperwork...) we've decided it's time for a treat!
And as a friend has sent some money a while ago with the comment "treat yourself to something nice" we've decided to go out for a meal. Something different... I've choosen a place in Plymouth: Turkish!
Menu and location have been promising. And Plymouth has been very welcoming with a wonderful (it's a summer evening to enjoy) atmosphere:
And as we haven't been to the restaurant before we've been walking around for a while until we found it...
 Very promising and inviting. And welcoming as well:

A warm welcome and a great selection of food has been waiting for us. 
The main course has been promising on the menu... looked ...


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Mar 26

A reason to celebrate!?

geschrieben von Birgit am 26/03/2017 22:24

Just a few days ago I've noticed that it's been a year since I've been diagnosed with cancer.
A reason to celebrate?
I think it is a very good reason as I'm still (again) on my feet and "alive"!
Therefore I've decided to prepare something special for us: Dinner for two!
Mussels in white wine sauce with slices of our Chilli Cheese bread - what a perfect combination and wonderful treat (still a surprise we are making such a great product!)
Whilst preparing the mussels I only needed to slice the bread and enjoyed a glas of sparkling wine whilst waiting for the dish to be ready. 
Can you smell the mix of wine a hint of garlic and herbs whilst looking at the next picture?
If not: make yourself some very soon (if you ...


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Jan 29

A meal to enjoy...

geschrieben von Birgit am 29/01/2017 12:57

Eating healthy might be one way to "boost" my immune sytem but isn't always nice...
My aim is to create and prepare meals which are yummy and good for me.
Yesterday I've made:
"Lamb loin cops with roasted mixed vegetables"
I'm trying to buy local and seasonal: got the lamb from a farm in our neighbourhood and potatoes, root regetables and onions grown either in Devon or Cornwall. The herbs I've used are growing in our garden: Thyme and Rosemary!
What have I used yesterday?
salad potatoes
purple carrots
Why? First of all: we both like them very much! And the second reason: health benefits! But as this is a topic which doesn't seem to be of interest for everyone I'll add some more details at the end of this blog!

As ...


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Nov 16

The singing Kettle – a gem in the middle of Dartmouth

geschrieben von Birgit am 16/11/2016 19:09

It’s November the 16th… a Wednesday morning which started with emotional ups and downs. And although I’ve planned to sort out some office work I followed my "instinct” to escape for a few hours.


My car decided to drive to Dartmouth.





I like Dartmouth as it’s a small town with nice unique shops and a wonderful atmosphere due to the location: First there is the river Dart which is providing a Mediterranean background.


Walking along the quay you’ve got the beautiful view across the river to Kingswear.




On the other side the town with it’s wonderful old and unique buildings is inviting for a stroll to discover some magical places.


I’ve been to the Singing Kettle before and thought today might be a good day to return. And "Well done Birgit!” it's been a ...


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Jul 11

Cream tea in Devon

geschrieben von Birgit am 11/07/2016 17:33

Hi all,
I've been planning to write two other new posts but can't resist to publish this one first.
We are planning to share our experience going out for breakfast, cream teas and meals in and around Devon. As you know everyone has got different expectations and preferences... Therefore, please be aware it's our taste and opinion.
Today I've been in Plymouth. The main reason has been to provide some blood to check weather or not I'm ok for my next chemo. But it's a nice reason to take our dog for a walk along the Hoe
(I really like the view, the air and atmosphere...)

However: I've decided to try the Valenti's Cafe and Bar which has been watching me passing by but although I'm living in Devon for 10 years now ...


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