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Aug 5

Good news!

geschrieben von Birgit am 05/08/2017 19:52

I'm aware it's been a while and some of you are waiting for more news... and here we are:
As I mentioned before we've been encouraged to review our business and decide if and how to carry on. confuse
It's been a "funny" time with many ups and downs but we've finally managed to find a solution and at the end a new home for our business.

"Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near.

— Paulo Coelho
It's been a long way... and it's been a bumpy road we've travelled...

There have been ups and downs and our relationship has suffered whilst we’ve been going through rough times.


But at the end we’ve managed to find a solution and a new home for our bakery!!!


Near to where we are living and closer to Totnes where we meet our loyal customers every Friday and Saturday (and once a month every third Sunday as well).


Last Sunday we’ve started moving Continental Crumbs (the whole bakery…) from it’s second home to it’s new home. And because we are a bit silly and really keen on challenges: we’ve done it with some helping hands and all the energy we’ve managed to generate in order to get it done on our own.


And I think it’s time for a big "Thank you!” to Dee and Laurie (and Amy who has been helping as well)!!!


Without you we wouldn’t have been able to return to baking within a few days!


I wouldn’t say we are already back to normal but I’m really pleased we’ve managed to get the ovens and everything needed back up and running for the weekend.


And thanks to all customers as I’m aware you’ve been very patient whilst waiting for us to return back to normal (missing some of our wonderful products).


But who know’s… it might have been worth it?!!!




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