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Aug 23

Some insights...

geschrieben von Birgit am 23/08/2017 09:34

As you know it’s been a busy summer so far…


Moving our business whilst it’s already very busy has been a challenge. But it means we haven’t had much time to relax and recover. But every now and than we manage to escape for a while…  


I know this is usually about our bakery and bread and other products we bake. But as it isn’t just about baking I’d like to invite you to learn a bit more about us.


And today I’d like to share how I manage to step back and re-charge my batteries. It usually happens when Cookie (our dog) decides it’s time for a walk. Which has happened Monday morning at 5:30!


"Come on, get ready! I’d like to go for a walk!” Cookie stood next to my bed waggling her tail…


I looked at her saying "Look, I’ve been working more or less three nights without a break as it’s been Good Food Sunday yesterday and I’d rather prefer to stay in bed a little longer…!”


She seemed to understand although she hasn’t been out for a proper walk for two days as I’ve just been too tired after work.


As she has been quiet I’ve taken it as permission to rest a little longer. I’ve been very grateful, turned around and noticed that she jumped on my bed. At the moment I’ve closed my eyes and made myself comfy she jumped out of bed and was waggling her tail again "Right, that’s been another 5 minutes. That should be enough!”


It took a tea, a shower and a quick breakfast until we’ve been ready. In the meantime it's been already 6:15


Just a quick stock at the bakery to leave instructions for Melanie who works Monday morning and off we went. Twenty minutes later we’ve reached our destination. Cookie likes this area as there a many reasons to sniff around. And I like it as well as it’s just beautiful.


Just a preview: 




But again: it’s been early in the morning and I’ve struggled to get the remaining energy together to start our walk.





"Come on, I’m waiting! There is so much to discover.” She has been pulling for a while but got me going and after a while I’ve started enjoying our walk. And although it’s been raining all day on Sunday and although every step has been like walking on a sponge… it’s been wonderful. Very peaceful and relaxing – just what I needed. It’s been damp, foggy and cloudy (and maybe therefore quiet).





"Wasn't there a path last time??? Can we go there? Why is there so much water???" Cookie has been a bit irritated as she isn't that keen on swimming (and I wasn't as well). But the rain has left some areas filled up with water and created a few seas just for a change.




"Can you see what I see???" Sheep...


And look: what's on the other side? Can we please go there?!




Come on! Don't slow down again you've just started...  





But because of the rain the path has disappeared! "Don't worry... we can still walk here. Just need to find a new way and maybe be a bit careful!" What a clever dog!


And it's a bit like my life: it has changed a lot over the last 15 months (and still does) but it's just been about finding alternatives and new ways looking at everything.  

Just a short escape (until it’s been back to paperwork, ordering, planning ahead…) but thanks to Cookie I’ve had a break!


Some shopping on our way back and a nice cup of tea before I'm trying to catch up on paperwork. Due to the relocation of our bakery it's been piling up a bit...


Thanks for your time! I hope you've been enjoying my walk!



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