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Apr 5

We are crowdfunding!

geschrieben von Birgit am 05/04/2018 02:42

Continental Crumbs


A fairy tale?


Or a true story of passion and love?


Crowd funding in nowadays might be more common than it’s been before but still an unusual way raising money for various reasons. We’ve been thinking about it for a while with all the pros and cons related to it. But we are now up for it and hoping for your support!


Some "soft” facts:


Although most of you already know us I’d like to introduce ourselves:


Birgit & Oliver


We are both German and life has brought us to the UK many years ago.








We are Founder, Manager, Baker, Delivery Driver, Sales Representative, Cleaner, Book Keeper, Secretary, Technician (developing and fixing machines and cars) … of Continental Crumbs and a Couple!


We’ve got a great team which we can rely on and help whenever needed. Whether or not it’s work in the bakery, delivering our bread or selling our products at the market… everybody is as important as anyone else.


We’ve got great products: Award winning bread and biscuits, crisp bread, biscuits, cakes and other treats…


We are an artisan bakery!


Everything is handmade. Where taste and quality come first. Based on recipes created and developed by Birgit (many of them just because somebody has been asking for something special)


And last but not least:


After all those years still the Passion and Love for Food to keep going!


When we started our bakery it’s been a way to make a living. But very soon it became much more…


All the wonderful feedback we got over the years (and still get) makes us believe in our vision:


There is a way of enjoying bread with great taste and the side effect of being healthy as well!


What’s special about our bread?


It’s not just handmade… it’s unique as (as far as we are aware) there isn’t any other bakery baking bread like ours.


Using high quality ingredients (sourced as local as possible) we produce sourdough bread with a difference.


As you might have already noticed a bit "unusual” and nothing compared to ordinary bread. It’s awesome and tastes great.


So far so good…



Things looked extremely promising until March 2016, when I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. A time when a personal journey with many ups and downs started – which is difficult enough – but with the bakery in the background and me being the key person within the bakery… it was not easy as you can imagine.



Being a fighter I managed to work whilst undergoing chemo treatment. Even after my operation I was back at work within two weeks (although limited, but at least back on her feet). Not just because of my passion and dedication… another reason is that being self-employed does make it difficult to step back when needed, if you haven’t got the financial background.


However: I made it!                                                     


At the beginning of 2017 when the treatment was over and everything seemed to be ready for a break (deserved and needed), circumstances made it impossible.

Several problems… with the main and most challenging one being: loss of the unit we were working in and trading from. This has taken away the remaining energy I needed for my recovery, and energy needed to keep the business growing. Actually this has been the main reason for shrinking the business as I couldn’t cope with everything as I did before.


Moving a business within three months (as we were given notice by our previous landlords due to sewage problems…) seemed to be impossible. But somehow we’ve managed to find a new home for our bakery in South Brent.


And that’s the magical/mysterious thing about it: whenever it looks like it’s impossible to cope with a "challenge” we find light at the end of the tunnel and we strongly believe in Continental Crumbs!

Now as we are settled in South Brent and are back "up and running” we are ready to grow again.







We only need a little help!




Despite what happened over the last two years, I’m full of ideas for new products very often based on suggestions coming up whilst talking about bread/food with customers and friends.

There’s just not enough time and energy to work on it… 


I’d like to hibernate for a while in the bakery and create delicious new cakes, biscuits and types of bread.


Just added a new "biscuit” to our range made with sunflower seeds, coconut, almond, sugar and eggs. SUNNY BITES which are gluten- and dairy free and just great to munch as a treat!

But I’ve realized as well that I’m running really low on energy. I’m struggling to recharge my batteries and feel the need to take a break.



This is where you can help as we need some financial support now. We purely haven’t been prepared

-         For the time I’ve been "not as efficient” when I’ve been undergoing treatment

-         For the move from Chudleigh to South Brent

-         Finally for the Beast from the East which hasn’t been helping our situation as well.


If you like the idea helping us but think you can’t… keep buying our bread and promise you will enjoy it!


And spread the word – there might be the right person waiting for the chance to jump in!


Visit and have a look at our pitch (and the pledges).


We've got some great rewards for anyone who wants to help us out. You can get your hands on some of our delicious handmade bread; get vouchers to learn how to bake specialty bread such as Olive bread, Chilli Cheese and many more.


If you live further away, and can't get to our bakery easily, why not choose a bread hamper filled with a great selection of our bread freshly baked by us and delivered to your doorstep (free shipping to UK mainland).


Thank you!

By supporting a small business you are supporting a dream. 

You are supporting more than just a person. 

You are supporting a family and all families behind every single employee. 

You are supporting the local economy.


Your support is truly appreciated!






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