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Aug 15

A night out in... "Plymouth"

geschrieben von Birgit am 15/08/2018 19:35

On Monday (having spend all afternoon in the office in order to catch up on paperwork...) we've decided it's time for a treat!
And as a friend has sent some money a while ago with the comment "treat yourself to something nice" we've decided to go out for a meal. Something different... I've choosen a place in Plymouth: Turkish!
Menu and location have been promising. And Plymouth has been very welcoming with a wonderful (it's a summer evening to enjoy) atmosphere:
And as we haven't been to the restaurant before we've been walking around for a while until we found it...
 Very promising and inviting. And welcoming as well:

A warm welcome and a great selection of food has been waiting for us. 
The main course has been promising on the menu... looked ok when we got it but not as nice when we've tried it.
Although I have to say my chicken has been the better choice than Olivers Kebab:
But the wine has been nice which I've enjoyed!
We would have considered a desert/pudding/coffee/tea... but it hasn't been offered to us cry
Well, we've asked for the bill and left. It's been ok, but considering the costs not worth it I'm afraid. 
But as I'm trying to focus on the positive: it's been a night out in Plymouth. And as it's been a wonderful evening we've walked along the harbour and enjoyed a peaceful end of the day:
Very often when we go for a walk around the Barbican or Hoe it makes me feel like having some time off in Spain... and with the summer this year it really feels like it, doesn't it???
Bye, bye Plymouth! Next time we will choose a place we know!

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