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Monthly Archives: MARCH 2017

Mar 26

It's been a long and exhausting night...

geschrieben von Birgit am 26/03/2017 22:26

As you are aware we are running a bakery... and baking for Friday and Saturday is always a bit exhausting due to the higher demand for the weekend. Which is fine as we've got (usually) Sunday's off and Monday to Thursdays are not as busy and it's time to step back and recover!
Yesterday morning though has been a bit different. Under normal circumstances I'm going home Friday morning to sleep for a few hours before I return to work late in the afternoon. But this Friday has been different: I've been off for a meeting and couldn't get my usual break. A year ago that wouldn't have been a problem as I've managed to "catch up" on sleep and got back on my feet without any problems. Now it feels like I'm worn out much quicker and don't recover as quick as I used to. With the ...


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Mar 26

A reason to celebrate!?

geschrieben von Birgit am 26/03/2017 22:24

Just a few days ago I've noticed that it's been a year since I've been diagnosed with cancer.
A reason to celebrate?
I think it is a very good reason as I'm still (again) on my feet and "alive"!
Therefore I've decided to prepare something special for us: Dinner for two!
Mussels in white wine sauce with slices of our Chilli Cheese bread - what a perfect combination and wonderful treat (still a surprise we are making such a great product!)
Whilst preparing the mussels I only needed to slice the bread and enjoyed a glas of sparkling wine whilst waiting for the dish to be ready. 
Can you smell the mix of wine a hint of garlic and herbs whilst looking at the next picture?
If not: make yourself some very soon (if you ...


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Mar 10

Ein Jahr geht schnell vorbei... (this one is in German I'm afraid!)

geschrieben von Birgit am 10/03/2017 10:54

Vor einem Jahr habe ich den Entschluss gefasst, endlich einen Termin beim Arzt zu machen, um "den" Knoten in meiner Brust untersuchen zu lassen...
Was in der Zwischenzeit passiert ist, ist ja mehr oder weniger bekannt. 
Und ja, ich habe die Chemo gut ueberstanden (von einigen Nebenwirkungen abgesehen) und auch die OP habe ich immerhin schon vor fuenf Monaten hinter mich gebracht. 
Ich arbeite weniger (aber immer noch zu viel), esse so gesund wie moeglich und versuche mein Leben ein wenig mehr zu geniessen. Gestern habe ich die wenigen Sonnenstrahlen genossen, die der Tag zu geben hatte und ca. 10 Minuten draussen gesessen und ein Sonnenbad genommen (mehr duerfte ich sowieso nicht, da ich ja ein erhoehtes Hautkrebsrisiko habe!).
Ja, und es ist so langsam Fruehling. An jeder Ecke bluehen hier die Osterglocken.

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