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Monthly Archives: JUNE 2016

Jun 21


geschrieben von Birgit am 21/06/2016 23:06

Hello again,
It's been my third chemo today and altough I'd like to sleep my body seems to be busy absorbing the cocktails I've had earlier.
I could sit on the sofa watch something (I don't really want to see) or catch up on paperwork (something I don't want to do right now) or share some thoughts which came up the other day:
Last Saturday I've been delivering to Tavistock again. Without Cookie (poor her...) but decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air and enjoy the surroundings. And as it's been the Food Festival weekend in Tavistock I tought let's have a look who is there and maybe have a little chat...
But I'm not sure if it has been because of the early hour (8:30 by the time I've been there) or the missing sun... nearly everybody has been a ...


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Jun 15

Ups and downs (the second)

geschrieben von Birgit am 15/06/2016 12:16

Hello, it's me again!!!

Sorry it’s taken a little longer to sit down and write again…


Last week has been a funny one. Initially I felt ok and thought "Right, up and running again” but than I got caught by the heat – maybe a bit more by the sticky and heavy air. It got me off my feet but on the other side it provided some really nice moments. There is one I’d like to share:


Over the last few weeks the birds in our garden have been very cheerful. They’ve been singing in the morning and very cheerful in the evening. Last Wednesday late afternoon/early evening we’ve been sitting in our garden (having a BBQ). And all the sudden something caught my eyes: Baby birds (robins) sitting on branches of one tree trying to fly. First from one branch ...


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Jun 5

Ups and downs

geschrieben von Birgit am 05/06/2016 14:44

Hello again,
It's Sunday and it's a sunny Sunday!
My second chemo is over (and only 4 more to come) and I'm recovering similar to the first one. Although I have to admit I've been "off" for a day sleeping more or less all day on Wednesday. But now I'm better day by day but noticed some side effects:
Feeling sick: Yes, of course that's what everybody is talking about and I've tried to avoid by eating careful, drinking tea and so on... but actually it only happens when I haven't eaten for a while. For me it means I'm hungry. So it's not about avoiding food it's about eating at least a little bit every now and than. As soon as my stomach is busy it's happy. Don't worry I wouldn't challenge myself but it's a relief to know I can manage it that easy. ...


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