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Monthly Archives: JUNE 2017

Jun 26

Once upon a time... (a fairy tale)

geschrieben von Birgit am 26/06/2017 00:17

Life if sometimes a funny one!


And having been throughout a lot during my life I think I'm in the position to write a few words about life... (my life):


It’s been more than a year now that I’ve started my journey throughout "cancer”!


It’s been chemo therapy

It’s been an operation (mastectomy)

And it’s been a kind of recovery (whilst working as a normal human being!!! - maybe somebody needs to tell me the meaning of recovery...)


All in all it’s been a long way from thinking and caring about everything but me to thinking and caring about everything and maybe about me!!!


And yes!!!


Even having been through chemo, operation and everything related to it I’m still thinking about everyone else first than me! But I’m better now… Every now and than I’m considering the impact decisions are having on me!!! Hey! ...


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