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Monthly Archives: JULY 2016

Jul 20

I've done well so far...

geschrieben von Birgit am 20/07/2016 23:57

... until yesterday when I've ended up in hospital with my temperature going up to 39.3 within four hours. Which can be severe undergoing a chemotherapy but a learning curve as well.


First of all: whoever works on Brent Ward @ Derriford hospital in Plymouth "You are doing a really good job and I admire the passion some of you are putting into it!”


I felt well looked after on arrival and managed to recover within 24 hours. And I might need to apologize for being not very patient but whilst I’ve been waiting for somebody to confirm it would be ok to go home and the formal "Here is your medication and paperwork” I lost nearly a day of my lifetime. And actually at the end I left without as I wasn’t patient enough…


But somehow whilst "waiting” ...


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Jul 14

Treatment update

geschrieben von Birgit am 14/07/2016 11:42

Hello everyone,
I've managed to cope with 4 out of 6 chemo treatments. Although I have to admit the 4th one has been two days ago and I'm still recovering. But so far so good. Only two more to come... Fingers crossed they will be "nice and friendly" as well.
If everything goes to plan I sould finish by the end of August. But than the operation is waiting for me as well. Which might be approx. four weeks later. So still a bit to go.
But there is something to look forward to as well: Christmas! No, I don't mean Christmas although I like it. This time it's our 100th Birthday when I turn 50 in October. Oliver already reached the mark in June and I will join him in October. Hopefully a reason to celebrate...!
In the meantime we've been treating ourselves ...


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Jul 11

Cream tea in Devon

geschrieben von Birgit am 11/07/2016 17:33

Hi all,
I've been planning to write two other new posts but can't resist to publish this one first.
We are planning to share our experience going out for breakfast, cream teas and meals in and around Devon. As you know everyone has got different expectations and preferences... Therefore, please be aware it's our taste and opinion.
Today I've been in Plymouth. The main reason has been to provide some blood to check weather or not I'm ok for my next chemo. But it's a nice reason to take our dog for a walk along the Hoe
(I really like the view, the air and atmosphere...)

However: I've decided to try the Valenti's Cafe and Bar which has been watching me passing by but although I'm living in Devon for 10 years now ...


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Jul 2

Halbzeit (sorry this one is written in german...)

geschrieben von Birgit am 02/07/2016 19:05

Hallo Ihr Lieben,
ich denke es ist an der Zeit mich auch einmal in meiner Muttersprache zu aeussern... und da wir alle mehr oder weniger (ich eher weniger) im EM Fieber sind, dieses Mal unter Anwendung der Fussballsprache.
Auch bei mir ist es Halbzeit: drei der insgesamt sechs Chemositzungen habe ich nun ueberstanden. Und auch wenn nun mittlerweile fast alle Haare verschwunden sind (und ich auch die ein oder andere Nebenwirkung verzichten koennte), so geht's mir doch besser als anfangs erwartet. Und dafuer bin ich von ganzem Herzen dankbar.
Und um den Vergleich zum Fussball wieder aufzugreifen: ich sehe dies als meine zweite gelbe Karte. Die erste habe ich vor dreizehn Jahren bekommen - und um ehrlich zu sein, war es der Anstoss das ein oder andere in meinem Leben zu aendern... Gott sei Dank, denn sonst haette ich Oliver nicht kennen gelernt und wuerde heute wahrscheinlich ...


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