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Monthly Archives: AUGUST 2016

Aug 23

Message from Cookie

geschrieben von Birgit am 23/08/2016 23:24

Hi it’s me… Cookie!


I think it’s time to tell you the truth. When I got adopted by Birgit & Oliver nobody told me what my job really would be. I thought I’ll sleep, eat, go for a walk, play with Oliver and get as many cuddles as possible from both of them. And actually it worked out like that for a while.





I’ve managed to settle in our new home we’ve moved in a while ago. Trained Birgit to spend some evenings on the sofa (7:00pm is usually cuddle time) and know the best places on their bed to rest for a while.





I loved the early Sunday mornings when Birgit woke up @ 6:00am and took me for walks in Kingsbridge, Slapton Sands or Dartmouth.


But now everything is different: Birgit is ...


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Aug 17

Mr and Mrs Cancer (second part)

geschrieben von Birgit am 17/08/2016 16:48

Hello again to all of you!
It's been a week now! Incredible how time flies...
Don't start to worry if you don't hear anything... it might be I'm busy enjoying myself. As I did in the morning today when I've taken Cookie for a walk in Kingsbridge followed by breakfast with a view. I've been in the mood of taking some time off - disappear for a while and return when I'm ready for normal life. 
As you can imagine: I'm currently trying to find out as much as possible about cancer. Mainly reasons why I might have developed cancer, how to treat it and how to avoid it in the future. Today I'm looking a bit more into the first part
"developing cancer"
As I think if I know the potential reason it'll be easier to find a long ...


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Aug 9

Mr and Mrs Cancer...

geschrieben von Birgit am 09/08/2016 20:10

Whilst I'm undergoing treatment I'm trying to understand why/how I developed cancer. And it might seem a bit childish but I find it easier to understand having pictures and/or a story. And this is what I want to share today:
We've got all unwanted cancer cells in our body. They are usually not active... usually! But sometimes when certain circumstances "wake them up" they start growing and look for a nice place to settle.
I'm not a specialist but from my point of view this is happening when various circumstances come together:
- a weak immun system
- negative stress which is leading in eating more sugar than usual (treats we don't enjoy as a treat anymore but as food to feed our soul) and sometimes alcohol (more than recommended). Fast food might be a reason as well when we ...


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Aug 7

I'm treating myself...

geschrieben von Birgit am 07/08/2016 22:16

Hello again,
I know it's been a while but I've just been very busy looking after myself...
However it's time to share something nice:
When I've started the chemo I thought about ways to cheer me up every now and than. It should be something special which I would enjoy and which would remind me going through difficult times.
Diamonds? Who is thinking about diamonds? No, that isn't for me I'm afraid! Any other jewellery? Well, maybe at the end of all treatments as a very special one - who knows? No, I've decided flowers or plants would be a perfect treat for me. And not just any type... it has to be a rose for every chemo treatment I get.
Whether or not it's the colour which made me buying a rose (such as the following one which I ...


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