Continental Crumbs

Based on an old recipe we are producing long proving Sour Dough Bread. It is like a good hung up meet. The more time you give the bread to prove, the better you can digest it, the longer it lasts, and the more it tastes.

We need just only a fraction of yeast to start the sour dough.

The tins are not greased like in other bakery. We are using greasing Paper. No cheap fat.  

We are not using any additives. For the base loaf we Just use flour (Spelt, Rye, Wheat), water, a fraction of yeast and that's it! And of course (depending on the bread type) our Seeds, Herbs, Cheese, Nuts, Raisins and crushed Chilis.

All the bread is hand made freshly on the day. We do not sell old bread, even the loafs are long lasting. We use local traders for the ingredients like County Cheese.

We are proud to say that the wastage is below 1% in a weeks time.  

But at the end it is the taste what makes our loaves so successful. Try it out!

Our Range:

  • Pumpkin Spelt Bread

  • Sunflower Spelt Bread

  • Organic Spelt Bread

  • Seeded Wholegrain

  • Plain Wholegrain

  • Plain Sourdough

  • Olive Bread

  • Walnut Bread

  • Cheese Bread

  • Chili Cheese Bread

  • Cheese and Onion Bread

  • Tomato Bread (Seasonal)

  • Garlic & Herb Bread

  • Fruit Bread

  • Premium Fruit Bread

  • Beetroot Bread

  • Chocolate Bread (Seasonal)

  • German Farmhouse Bread

Premium FruitWalnutbreadOnion Bread~Tomato Bread~Pumpkin Spelt Bread~Olive Bread~Lazy Bread (Seasonal)~(Chili) Cheese Bread~Stilton and Prune Bread~Seeded Wholegrain~Garlic & Herb~

Cheese from "Country Cheese"