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Apr 22

 posted by Ingo   from United Kingdom on 22/04/2014 18:24

Bought some nice bread today at the University. Delicious. Hope you will come more often...

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Apr 22

 posted by Gus   from United Kingdom on 22/04/2014 18:24

First of all I would like to say that your bread is truly amazing. We have been buying the bread (and other products) every week from the deli plate in Exminster for over 1 year now. I was very disappointed to learn that we won't be able to buy your products here anymore. Is there no way you would reconsider?

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Apr 22

 posted by Jeremy Bond   from United Kingdom on 22/04/2014 18:25

Hi - I have managed to get hold of your lovely bread only twice now - And would so much like to find it in Bath or nearby - Good wishes anyway - Treasure the simple pleasure of real bread smile Jeremy

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May 9

 posted by Victoria   from United Kingdom on 09/05/2014 13:05

Dear lovely CC,
I have had several packs of your Artisan Multi Seed Bread Mix from Manns Deli in Bovey Tracey and it is fantastic. My husband said this morning at breakfast it was the best bread I have ever eaten, teamed with my great bread making skills of course!
Thank you,
Kind regards,

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Jun 15

 posted by Sascha  Federowsky from Germany on 15/06/2014 19:03

Hi CC.
You´re Bread on the 5th Anniversary of was quite delicious.
See you next Time....

Best Regards Sascha (djsky)

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Jun 23

 posted by Gabi  Recknagel from United Kingdom on 23/06/2014 12:19

I am just so delighted that CC has come to Exeter market! Everything from the Bretzel to the Doughnuts is so fresh and delightfully light as well as tasty! And the pizzas... wow! again, a very light dough and the topping was just perfectly balanced. Your team must work through the night to give us such super fresh and wonderful delights!

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Jul 7

 posted by Maggie  Fisher from United Kingdom on 07/07/2014 21:34

I've started buying your fruit loaf from Exeter Farmers' Market. It's delicious (plain or toasted) and stays moist for 5 days (we finished the last piece this morning). I also bought a sourdough loaf from Topsham's Cheese Shop on Saturday. That too was delicious plain or toasted. Will see you at the Market on Thursday!

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Jul 12

 posted by wes  healey from United Kingdom on 12/07/2014 21:59

Your bread is wonderful. I wish I could buy it nearer to home. Darts Farm is my nearest but that is 20 minutes drive and they have often sold out when i get there.

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Aug 8

 posted by Rainer   from Austria on 08/08/2014 08:12

Coming from Austria and making a round trip throught the southern part of England we found the farmers market in Exeter and bought some olivebread. What can I tell you! Delicious, excellent taste, best olive bread we have ever had. And my fiance was pretty surprised when she got a German answer, after asking a question in English. ;-)

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Aug 15

 posted by Maggie  Fisher from United Kingdom on 15/08/2014 21:27

Oli you asked for feedback on the danish pastries - absolutely delicious. More please for Thursday's market.

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