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Oct 14

 posted by W  healey from United Kingdom on 14/10/2014 14:15

Continental crumbs is the best bread anywhere locally! I wish I could get it nearer to where I live in Budleigh Salterton- but it is worth the journey to Darts Farm to get it! They have fresh deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, apparently. I stock up the freezer with it. Now to try the bread mixes myself......

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Oct 19

 posted by Walckhoff  Peter Lüdeke from United Kingdom on 19/10/2014 15:25

since nearly 50 years of travelling in Europe and Maghreb I am used to set "inner flags" at my mind map, at which places it is worth to make a break or just travelling directly to find quality not as a result of a reproduced technical norm but as result of efforts which are done by heart. Your products and your place is such an "inner flag".
Congratulations by
Peter and the wolf

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Mar 24

 posted by Carrie  Johnson from United Kingdom on 24/03/2015 17:19

Please please please, can we buy your bread online.
I regularly take your bread back to London for friends, who I keep promising will be able to order their favourite Continental Crumbs loaves online.

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Oct 27

 posted by Leonie BOOTH-CLIBBORN   from United Kingdom on 27/10/2015 19:26

We LOVE your bread and get it from one of the two shops in Tavistock when we go there. We would get more and freeze it as it keeps well. Let us know if you will supply to other places nearer to us. Many thansk, Leonie

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Jun 6

 posted by Wagner  Angie from United Kingdom on 06/06/2016 00:57

Hallo Birgit
Wie ich laß hast Du Krebs, mit sicherheit wirst Du ihn zum Teufel jagen und weisst Du warum ich es weiss? Ganz einfach solche starke Frauen schaffen es und wenn Du mit ihm sprichst dann sag ihm Doch einfach wenn er Dich auffressen will ist er am ende. Was ich damit sagen möchte liebe Birgit, mit dieser Auffassung habe ich meinen Darmkrebs besiegt.
Du hast einen sehr starken Mann an Deiner seite das hilft gleich nochmal soviel auch wenn er Dir die Nebenwirkung nicht weg nehmen kann.
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Wuppertal von Angie

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Jul 16

 posted by Frank  Krückemeier from Germany on 16/07/2016 19:37

Hey you,
looking Forward to see you next week.
Ups, ich kann hier ja auch in Deutsch schreiben.
Wir planen grad die Anreise.

gegen 18 Uhr sollten wir in Torquay sein.
Wir melden uns dann bei euch.

Grüße Frank

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Mar 7

 posted by Demian   from United Kingdom on 07/03/2017 13:58

Hi there,
still the best bread in Totnes. Many thanks.

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Mar 30

 posted by John  B from United Kingdom on 30/03/2017 09:42

Rather surprised to see that your lovely products are not for sale in Chudleigh ... especially since you are based here!

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