A very warm welcome to Continental Crumbs!

2023 is here and let’s focus on what makes us feel positive!

Maybe fresh strawberry you’ve eaten earlier today or your first cup of coffee you’ve been enjoying in the morning watching the sun rise.

Whatever makes you smile, focus on it! Take your time, open your eyes and indulge yourself to moments to remember.

Planning a picnic with friends or family? Maybe a BBQ or a Dinner for two for tonight?

We bake a wide range of Artisan Bread – handmade in Devon (South Brent)!

Our selection offers something for everyone. From our 2022 Taste of the West Award winners Pumpkin Spelt Bread and German Rye Bread to the Olive or Chilli Cheese Bread – just to name a few of them.

Fancy some cakes?

Handmade and freshly baked… waiting for you. There is a selection of all time favourites such as our (nearly) famous Carrot Cake or Coffee Walnut Cake to specials such as Chocolate Guinness Cake and heavenly Apple and Cream Surprise – not to forget the German Plum Cake or American style Cheese Cake – a little temptation for everyone.

All made with love, care and the secret ingredient “passion”!

Who can resist?

Curious? Explore our range browsing our online shop.

Hope you a having an amazing summer!

Birgit & Oliver

We love to contribute with our goodies.

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