A very warm welcome to Continental Crumbs!

It has been a year with many ups and downs and it looks like it won’t change for a while. We could keep moaning could start every day with the frustration caused by the uncertainty and fear but we could try to focus on the positive as well…

It’s been a wonderful summer and autumn hasn’t been bad as it’s been before. Actually whilst walking our dog at the moment we admire the beauty around us with all autumn colours showing up.

And yes, the second lockdown isn’t what we were hoping for but what if we take it as a chance?

A chance to spend some more quality time with our loved ones?

A chance to get into the spirit of Christmas a bit earlier than usual?

A chance to treat ourselves more often?

Fancy a cup of tea with a slice of cake? Go for it!

Fancy a hot soup with a slice of Chilli Cheese? Have it tonight!

Fancy treating a family member, friend or special person right now or for Christmas? Just do it!

Browse our online shop, maybe some cake or one of our Christmas specials?

Maybe a selection of artisan handmade bread for your freezer to make sure it’s available when you need it?

We love to contribute with our goodies.

Start shopping now!

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